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“The Makers of Our Constitution … Sought to Protect Americans … as Against the Government, the Right to Be Left Alone – the Most Comprehensive of Rights and The Right Most Valued by Civilized Men. to Protect that Right, Every Unjustifiable Intrusion by The Government upon The Privacy of The Individual, Whatever the Means Employed, Must Be Deemed a Violation of The 4th Amendment” – Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis.

Internet and computer-related laws are still developing. Unfortunately, the law evolves much slower than technology, so courts may be required to apply laws written years ago to a case arising today. That can cause serious problems for those charged with computer and technology-related crimes.

Context is critical when building a computer crime defense. The police often seize computers without a lawful basis and authorities will recklessly conclude that crimes have been committed with computers. Issues concerning who else had access, unsolicited receipt of information or images, and other details are ignored in the haste to prosecute.

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Controlling the movement of files from all of the websites on the internet are extremely difficult, if not impossible. Adults engaging in random internet or peer-peer networking can be caught up in child pornography sting operations, often without knowing that their computers contain illegal images. If you do not know that unlawful images exist, there is no criminal intent and you cannot be guilty.

In Delaware, each image or video carries a minimum 2-year prison term. You can also be forced to register as a sex offender for at least 25 years. You can rely upon Mr. Foley to passionately and skillfully advocate on your behalf, with the goal of preventing you from having your life ruined by child pornography charges.