Wilmington Felony Defense Lawyer

A felony criminal conviction changes an individual's life dramatically. It results in the loss of many civil liberties, creates problems with employment and, most importantly, results in severe penalties. Delaware defense attorney Thomas A. Foley has been providing superior criminal defense services to clients charged with felonies since 1995. Contact Thomas Foley today for a free initial consultation.

"Our Constitution is color blind, and neither knows or tolerates classes among citizens." — Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan

Thomas A. Foley Attorney at Law is adept at providing first-rate, experienced representation to clients who have been charged for:

Why Hire An Experienced Felony Defense Attorney

Someone charged with a felony has far too many things at risk to trust an inexperienced lawyer. The following are only a sampling of the detrimental effects of a felony conviction:

Loss Of Civil Rights

  • Loss of the right to vote in elections
  • Loss of the right to be a juror
  • Loss of the right to possess a firearm
  • Other civil rights losses

Problems With Employment

  • Potential to be fired
  • Potential loss of benefits or pension
  • Difficulty in getting a new job
  • Other employment problems

Contact Thomas A. Foley

From his experience as a prosecutor, Thomas Foley understands the techniques many prosecutors utilize in pursuing these cases. This enables him to fully prepare his clients' defense and work toward a favorable outcome. Contact Wilmington felony defense lawyer Thomas A. Foley for a free initial consultation.