Experienced Defense Attorney For Federal Court Cases

The defense attorney you hire matters, especially if you find yourself in federal court. Facing criminal charges in federal court is serious. The lawyer you hire needs to not only take your case seriously but also have the unique set of skills required to provide an effective defense.

Federal court is a different system that requires in-depth knowledge of the law and the ability to handle complex cases. The court process, judges, prosecutors and jury pool are different in federal court. Thomas A. Foley knows the rules and practices of federal court. He will provide zealous representation and guide you through the process so you know what to expect and what he is doing at every stage in your case.

Defending You In Federal Court

Mr. Foley is a former prosecutor who uses his knowledge and experience to aggressively defend the rights of his clients. He represents clients in Wilmington and throughout Delaware in all types of federal criminal cases, including:

Your future is at stake. Mr. Foley will aggressively defend you and make sure all options are explored. He is dedicated to making sure the criminal justice system is fair for everyone and firmly believes that everyone deserves their day in court.

Under Investigation? Arrested? Contact Attorney Thomas A. Foley.

It is important to contact a lawyer right away to start protecting your rights. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, do not wait to contact Mr. Foley. To schedule a free initial consultation, call his law firm at 302-658-3077. You may also contact the firm online.