Wilmington, Delaware, Expungements Attorney

A criminal conviction can taint you for the rest of your life. So can an arrest, even without a conviction. You can have the record of your Delaware arrest permanently sealed or removed through the expungement process, preventing future employers and others from discovering certain criminal events in your past. Thomas A. Foley Attorney at Law provides clients with nearly 30 years of criminal defense experience and understands every client's need to clear his or her name.

Seal A Criminal Record In Delaware

While an expungement is generally a straightforward process, new Delaware laws and advancements in search data retrieval have made sealing criminal records more complicated. These changes mean information about criminal charges against you can remain in databases for longer periods of time, allowing private investigators and agencies that conduct background checks for employers to red flag you. As such, it has become even more important for expungements to be filed correctly and in a timely manner.

While not all every crime qualifies for expungement, attorney Thomas Foley is ready to assist clients with past criminal records. Contact Delaware attorney Thomas Foley for a free initial consultation.