Wilmington Drug Charges Attorney

Drug crime allegations are serious; a conviction can result in mandatory prison time and a loss of driving privileges. It is therefore important to consult with a skilled drug crime defense attorney to ensure that all possible means are used to protect your freedom.

With nearly 30 years of legal experience, Wilmington drug charges lawyer Thomas A. Foley provides powerful defense to those charged with drug crimes in Delaware. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Foley has firsthand knowledge of how the government builds its drug cases. He uses that knowledge to counter prosecutors' arguments and protect his clients' rights.

Defense Against A Wide Range Of Drug Crimes In Delaware

Wilmington drug charges lawyer Thomas A. Foley offers experienced and knowledgeable defense against misdemeanor and felony drug charges involving:

  • Simple possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug dealing
  • Drug possession with the intent to deliver
  • Drug possession within 300 feet of a park or school
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Offenses involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs
  • Prescription fraud and other prescription drug crimes
  • Aggravated Possession

Exploring All Possible Defenses: Unlawful Search And Seizure

The Fourth Amendment requires police officers to follow rules when searching for and obtaining evidence. When officers fail to do so, the search and seizure are unlawful and a violation of the suspect's Fourth Amendment rights. As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Foley will examine your case to determine whether the police had a reason to stop you, probable cause to search you or your vehicle, or a valid search warrant allowing them to search your home. If any of the evidence was obtained illegally, Mr. Foley will take action to make sure it is not used against you.

"The heart of the Fourth Amendment is designed to protect persons from unreasonable governmental intrusions, a standard which only becomes meaningful when it is assured that at some point the conduct of those charged with enforcing the laws can be subjected to the more detached, neutral scrutiny of a judge who must evaluate the reasonableness of a particular search or seizure in light of the particular circumstances." — Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren

Contact A Newark, Delaware, Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

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