How An Arrest Can Affect Your Future

An arrest or criminal conviction can affect your life in many ways. College students with promising futures can face harsh realities after an arrest. Attorney Thomas A. Foley is dedicated to helping students understand what is at stake and how he can protect their life's dreams and goals.

Any arrest, even for a minor offense, can have a significant impact upon your ability to graduate college, seek post-graduate studies, secure internships, obtain meaningful employment or become a commissioned officer in the military, and it can squander other professional dreams and goals.

How The University Will View Your Arrest

At the University of Delaware, the campus police and Newark Alderman's Court will inform the university of any arrest that occurs off-campus. Thereafter, the student is required to attend an interview with the Office of Student Conduct to discuss the facts of the arrest and what the student is expected to do throughout the length of his or her enrollment. In cases involving violence or certain drug offenses, the University of Delaware has a mandatory policy to withdraw the student from attending the college. In other cases, the university may decide to withdraw the student while criminal charges are still pending, depending on the nature and severity of the alleged offense.

An Experienced Lawyer Looking Out For Your Future

Mr. Foley represents college students at the University of Delaware in Newark and students at Wilmington University, plus schools in the surrounding areas for all types of misdemeanor and felony offenses. An allegation can pose serious risks for your future. Do not let an arrest ruin your future. Mr. Foley will protect your rights and start working on your defense right away.

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