Defending College Students

Pursuing a college education is exciting, but has many uncertainties. Parents have less control over their children's decisions as they become self-reliant young adults. It is fairly commonplace for students to struggle with their newly gained independence, sometimes experiencing lapses in judgment that result in criminal charges.

Whether you are a student in trouble or a worried parent, you can count on college student defense attorney Thomas A. Foley to be on your side. Mr. Foley's goal is to help students get past legal challenges, preserve their clean records and guide them in avoiding problems in the future.

Working Hard To Protect Your Future

It is important to understand that the law views college students as adults, not as children. The real life repercussions that a college student faces for a conviction are significant. In addition to criminal penalties, a conviction may prevent a student from obtaining meaningful employment, seeking admission in post-graduate schools, becoming commissioned as an officer or traveling abroad, thereby undermining the massive time commitment and financial investment made by attending the University of Delaware or any other college in the first place.

Mr. Foley has almost 30 years of experience defending college students in Wilmington, in Newark and throughout Delaware who are accused of all types of crimes, including:

What About University Discipline?

If you are arrested by the University of Delaware Police, or if your case is in the Newark Alderman's Court, you could face penalties levied by the University of Delaware Office of Student Conduct. Mr. Foley can provide guidance in addressing university administrative hearings. Mr. Foley appreciates that although you possibly made a mistake, that you are first and foremost a serious and valuable student who should be allowed to remain in school.

Learn more about how an arrest can impact your standing at the university and what Mr. Foley can do to protect your future.

Arrested? Get Legal Guidance From An Experienced Attorney.

Do not wait to contact a lawyer if you or your child has been arrested. Mr. Foley will meet with you to discuss your case and guide you through your legal options. Schedule a free consultation by calling 302-658-3077 or send him an email.