Delaware Child Abuse And Discipline Defense Attorney

Most accusations of child abuse or excessive discipline are just plain false. Many cases of alleged abuse of a child are simply attempts to criminalize good parenting, or conveniently surface amidst a divorce, after separation or during child custody litigation. If you are facing charges of child abuse or child neglect, Thomas A. Foley Attorney at Law provides nearly 30 years of criminal defense experience. Contact Wilmington child abuse lawyer Thomas Foley for a free initial consultation.

Stand Up Against False Accusations Of Abuse

A playground injury or a parent disciplining a difficult child may leave some type of mark or abrasion, whereby someone overacts and cries abuse, whereby the authorities are prone to jump the gun. As a result, an excellent parent may wind up being haphazardly charged with child abuse yet without solid and reliable evidence, leaving damaged relationships and reputations. Don't give up your rights; remember that juries and judges have children, too. Attorney Thomas Foley will help ensure that your side of the story is clearly presented in court.

"Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for the law" - Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Wilmington, Delaware, Child Abuse Lawyer

Charges of child abuse and domestic violence can often lead to no-contact orders with your children, making it extremely difficult to resolve matters and work towards healing the family. That is why it is vital to work with an attorney experienced in abuse cases to resolve matters before they get further out of hand.

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Do not let the system unfairly interfere with your parent/child relationship because of false child abuse charges. The Law Office of Thomas Foley will address your case in ways that help you put your life back together again. Contact child abuse defense attorney Thomas Foley in New Castle County, Delaware, for a confidential and free initial consultation.