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About Tom Foley

30 years of experience to provide first-rate criminal law advice and representation

Thomas A. Foley Attorney At Law opened his private practice in 1995 after serving six years as a prosecutor for the Delaware Department of Justice.

Mr. Foley defends clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors in the Wilmington area and throughout New Castle County and Delaware. Mr. Foley relies upon nearly 30 years of experience to provide first-rate criminal law advice and representation.


Honest Advice.
Skillful Representation.

Is your story and life circumstances being fully presented after you have been charged with a crime? Mr. Foley is passionate about making sure the presumption of innocence is meaningful and his clients’ constitutional rights are fully protected throughout the criminal justice process. You will receive honest, fair and respectful service from the moment you meet Mr. Foley. He will treat you with dignity and will aggressively defend your rights at every stage in your case.

“Mere access to the
courthouse doors does
not by itself assure a
proper functioning of the
adversary process.”

-Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall



As a former Deputy Attorney General and United States Marine Corps officer, Mr. Foley has the knowledge and insight to outmaneuver the prosecutor, allowing Mr. Foley to better prepare his client’s defense. Mr. Foley is a member of The American College of Trial Lawyers, an invitation-only fellowship of exceptional trial lawyers of diverse backgrounds from the United States and Canada. You can trust that he will stand up for your rights and work diligently to achieve a fair outcome.

The criminal defense attorney whom you hire matters. Mr. Foley has the experience, skills and gamesmanship required to protect your future.

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