What Happens At Your First Meeting

Calling a lawyer after an arrest often involves fear, anger and even embarrassment. The attorney on the other end of line should be able to address your concerns and protect your rights while providing honest advice and compassion as to what you are going through.

You can trust that you've made the right call when you retain attorney Thomas A. Foley. Mr. Foley is dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused with nearly 30 years of experience on his side. He represents individuals in Wilmington, New Castle County and the surrounding areas in Delaware who are facing all types of felony and misdemeanor charges.

What To Expect

During your first meeting with Mr. Foley, he will ask about you, your family, your job, your life story, and the legal and factual issues involved in your case. You will learn how Mr. Foley will protect your rights and navigate the criminal justice process. He will explain the criminal justice process, the potential outcomes and the best defense strategies available. Mr. Foley will also address any collateral issues pertaining to your employment, citizenship and driving privileges.

You should bring any court documents (arrest warrants, summons, notices to appear) and DMV paperwork to this first meeting. These documents will help Mr. Foley orchestrate a game plan and develop a defense that will protect your future.

After this meeting, you will have a better understanding of the charges you face, the legal landscape pertaining to your case, and the steps Mr. Foley will take to provide the best possible representation and outcome on your behalf.

Speak To Thomas A. Foley About Your Case

Criminal cases can often be resolved quickly, while some cases can be drawn out. In either scenario, it is in your best interests to have an experienced and skillful defense attorney protecting your rights from the start.

Do not wait to contact attorney Thomas Foley if you are under investigation or if you have been charged with a crime; call 302-658-3077 or contact him online to schedule a free consultation. He is available to meet with you quickly.